Let’s Make Time

At Selaks we believe time with family and friends is precious – it’s why we commissioned a survey of 1000 New Zealanders to explore attitudes and barriers to spending time with loved ones. 

More than half of Kiwis (57%)* say lack of time and being too busy is stopping them from catching up with friends and family more often.  The survey undertaken by Big Picture NZ on behalf of Selaks revealed a number of interesting insights into the lives of Kiwis;

  • Those finding it most difficult to catch up with family and friends are 25-44 years olds, with 64% of them stating lack of time and being busy prevented them from catching up.
  • 61% of women said lack of time and being busy prevented them from spending more time with friends and family.
  • 41% agreed screen time was getting in the way of quality family time.
  • In an example of increasingly busy lifestyles in our large cities, 47% of Aucklanders agreed with the statement that they don’t sit down at the table for a proper family meal often enough.
  • And it seems many Kiwis believe they should share their feelings more, with 48% agreeing with the statement they don’t tell their loved ones how they feel about them often enough.

Established in 1934, Selaks has a long tradition of celebrating family and friends.  The survey, undertaken in early March 2019, was central to the development of our Let’s Make Time campaign.

Click below to watch our ‘Let’s Make Time’ TV commercial.

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